Shady Grove is recognized as one of the best festivals for Jamming. Bring your stringed instruments and you will be sure to find a jam that will suit your taste and level.

A bluegrass jam, or any jam for that matter, is an event in which musicians come together to play and sing unrehearsed music with and for each other. They may, or may not, know each other in advance—often in a given jam, some do know each other, while some don’t. They may have different levels of experience and ability for playing, or singing, or both. There may be observers, an audience of sorts, but the main thing for those jamming is having fun playing music together.

Facilitated Jamming

Facilitated jams are hosted by musicians, who will assist in coordinating a the jam. The musicians will help those who are new to jamming and are unfamiliar with Jam Etiquette.

Jam Locations

Open Jamming can happen anywhere on the grounds provided it is not in the quiet camping zone. There will be tents available to shelter you from the elements.


bring your rv or tent! there will be plenty of space for camping for the weekend. dry camping (no hookups for electricity, water or sewage) will be available for the weekend (thursday, friday, saturday, sunday)