Under The Rocks

Under the Rocks is one of Canada’s premier emerging bluegrass acts. Tackling festival after festival and stage after stage, UTR has become known for having more fun on those stages than was previously thought possible! Featuring upright bass, acoustic guitar, fiddle and banjo/mandolin the band makes a big sound that tips its cap to traditional American bluegrass, while incorporating fiddle and singer-songwriter music intentionally put together with clever, progressive song arrangements and jaw-dropping instrumental breaks. Their show comes with a list of warnings: you might dance until your shoes catch fire, laugh until it hurts, cry your eyes out, or have your face melted right off!! This heartfelt, talented string quartet blends uplifting energy with a reflective reverence for the difficulties of reality that marries joy and sorrow and declares “YES”. Yes to all that it means to be alive on this planet, here and now.

Under the Rocks released their sophomore album, I Am Ready, in the spring of 2021. It was a personally meaningful and professionally groundbreaking endeavour, as the group collaborated with ingenious Canadian roots music producer Andrew Collins to release 12 original songs. The songs are honest as they thoughtfully touch on change, loss and being “Ready” for whatever it is life has to offer. The songs are alive and creatively arranged, and Andrew’s mastery brought them to life in a powerful way that the band is still beaming about. UTR has performed these songs at the Shady Grove, Kluane Mountain and Blueberry Bluegrass music festivals, as well as virtually for a showcase at the IBMA’s World of Bluegrass festival. There is much more to come for Under the Rocks, who are still busy performing and are excited to be in the midst of writing their next album. Stay tuned!

Under the Rocks Performance Schedule
Friday 6PM
Saturday 1PM