Story House

Story House is made up of four musicians who have been active in the Pacific Northwest bluegrass scene for a good long time. The members of Story House have played everything from folky singer-songwriter stuff to rock and roll, jazz, country and twin-fiddle Bill Monroe style bluegrass. The band features many original songs and tunes, mixed with covers of great songs both old and new. Though all four members of the band sing, Jake & Maiken’s arresting duet singing is the cornerstone of the band’s vocal sound.

Maiken de Villiers plays double bass with a smooth and steady groove. Her sweet singing and powerful songwriting have won her fans from BC to Hawaii. Maiken contributes many strong original songs to the repertoire. She is also renowned for her beautiful hand-knitted socks.

Jake de Villiers plays lead & rhythm guitar. He solos in his own style and his propulsive rhythm guitar keeps the band ticking along. Jake does most of the arranging for the band. An instrument repairman, Jake’s never met a guitar he didn’t like.

Tim Eccles picks the five-string banjo. His originality keeps the band moving, no matter what the tempo or time signature. He also contributes many fine originals to the band.

Pete Goodall plays mandolin with the band. He has an uncanny ability to find the heart of a song and embrace it with his tasteful playing. The newest member of the band, he’s also the funniest. Story House believes in the emotional power inherent in a great song