Morningside Band is a bluegrass flavored quartet that plays a variety of music that will catch your ears!!!  You will enjoy the powerful vocal harmonies, tight rhythms, and sparkling instrumental sounds of Morningside. These Central Alberta band members have played together in different configurations for many years. Greg Leblanc lays down the bass line on the big ‘ol upright bass and sings the tenor parts. Rick Moore, plays rhythm guitar, doubles on mando and does lead vocals. Lee Foote, transplanted from Louisiana, plays the five string banjo with flash and flair and helps with vocals, too. Brian Ficht provides a sensitive touch on the resophonic guitar and sings some classics, too.Joining Morningside for a cameo appearance on Saturday and the Sunday gospel set is Lisa Gallup. Hailing from the Black Diamond area, Lisa’s fine touch on the fiddle adds a sparkle to the band’s sound.

Morningside Performance Schedule
Saturday 2PM
Sunday 10AM (Open Mic Gospel)