Binder Twine and the Balers


Best suited as the perfect soundtrack to plowing through the crop during a Saskatchewan sunset, Binder Twine and the Balers deliver a smokin' hot bluegrass sound heard across the province from the forests of Hudson Bay all the way to the rolling hills of Wood Mountain.

A band comprised of journeymen, musicians and music teachers - these five all-acoustic performers continue to spread the tried & true traditional Kentucky sounds while peppering in their own swing, jazz, pop and folk influences.Timeless tunes with sweet harmonies and virtuosic instrumentals guaranteed to peak the interest and catch the ear of anyone who has ever heard the names Flatt, Scruggs and Monroe.

Binder Twine and the Balers takes you back to a time when music was pure and honest, but with their fresh sound that reflects a new generation of contemporary bluegrass.

No matter what age, the audience is given are refreshing taste of music whose foundation is built on refined musical skills, high energy, and expert showmanship.

Listeners are treated to a list of songs from traditional bluegrass, contemporary, and original songs that tell the stories that are inspired by life onthe prairies.

From the largest stage to the most intimate house concert, Binder Twine and the Balers delivers the same uncompromising performance to your event,that will leave the audience feeling they've been treated to very unique musical experiencing!


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