Tim Hus



He can come at his audience like a runaway rig, while firing off image bound lyrics with the marksmanship of a western gunslinger. Tim Hus will make you sit up and pay attention to his songs, story songs that capture the pioneering spirit that motivates and inspires truck drivers, miners, rum runners, trappers, men of the land, men of the sea, and vagabonds.

He's an Albertan through and through and one who takes the history of Canada seriously. One who looks deep into the eyes and souls of his subjects and finds out what makes them tick. He's an artist who creates his songs from a place of deep respect and understanding, and Hus has never been more on the mark than with Hockeytown, his latest album for Stony Plain Records.

Part of a new generation of Alberta-based songwriters who have been nurtured on the tapestry of sounds that country music served up in the sixties and seventies, Hus points to many life experiences and the influences of family and specific musicians when it comes to assessing his own make-up as an artist. "I look up to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, and road dogs like Fred Eaglesmith. Then there's all the people I meet out on the road and the stories that come with those introductions," says Hus who believes, and understandably so, that his songwriting has moved up to another plateau with this new batch of 12 songs found on Hockeytown.


Band Website: http://www.timhus.ca/

Ol Boots and the Hoots



Ol' Boots & The Hoots are a three piece traditional Country & Western band from small town Central Alberta. Boots has been tourin' this great land solo since 2008 and around a year ago Tyler Allen joined him on Banjo and Sean Vandenbrink on the upright bass. Heavily influenced by the great Hank Williams, Stompin' Tom Connors, Roger Miller and all your Grandpa's other favorites.
"Praise be to hillbilly heaven, the spirit of Hank Williams is alive and well. Alberta's Ol' Boots & the Hoots have resurrected the broken vocal formula that was perfected by Southern storytellers years ago and has since inspired so many amnesiac stadium-country singers. The 11-track Pinecone Cowboy features a poised collection of wittily crafted, downtempo western melodies, a cactus in the ass of modern, power-ballad country crooners that forgot the music of their grandfathers. "
EXCLAIM! Magazine


Band Website: http://olboots.bandcamp.com/

Steve Fisher



I grew up in a small village in southern Ontario called Sharon about thirty-five miles northeast of Toronto. Saxophone was my first instrument but I started playing guitar after high school while working in a bush camp in northern Ontario. I learned a few chords that summer but didn't really start to play tunes until after I went to university in London, England in 1976. A friend played me a recording of "Stack O'Lee" by Mississippi John Hurt and I was totally knocked out by it. I was amazed by how much sound you could get out of an acoustic guitar. Over the next three years I taught myself to play a few rags and some country blues with the help of recordings from Stefan Grossman's Kicking Mule Records. One of my favourites was a ragtime guitar sampler called "The Entertainer" featuring Bob Evans and Jim McLennan. I listened to these guys as much as I could. It was pretty heady stuff and way beyond what I could play at the time. Some of it still is!


Band Website: http://www.stevefishermusic.ca/

The Purple Hulls



You could easily say these three musicians were made to make music together. Though their paths from Texas to and through Music City have been diverse, they're finally able to combine their talents and focus their efforts as a family. Affectionately named "Ida Red" by Mr. Tom T. Hall, and later changing to The Purple Hulls, the Clark siblings are no strangers to the music business and life on the stage. "Banjo" Ben resigned from his job with Taylor Swift to sign a publishing deal at Sony ATV, along with twins Penny and Katy. After a year of writing, The Purple Hulls are hitting the road, making sure to showcase their unique harmonies only a family can achieve while ripping the strings off any instrument they can get their hands on. If you're looking for authentic acoustic driven country music delivered at its best, your search is over.


Band Website:  http://thepurplehulls.com/

Binder Twine and the Balers


Best suited as the perfect soundtrack to plowing through the crop during a Saskatchewan sunset, Binder Twine and the Balers deliver a smokin' hot bluegrass sound heard across the province from the forests of Hudson Bay all the way to the rolling hills of Wood Mountain.

A band comprised of journeymen, musicians and music teachers - these five all-acoustic performers continue to spread the tried & true traditional Kentucky sounds while peppering in their own swing, jazz, pop and folk influences.Timeless tunes with sweet harmonies and virtuosic instrumentals guaranteed to peak the interest and catch the ear of anyone who has ever heard the names Flatt, Scruggs and Monroe.

Binder Twine and the Balers takes you back to a time when music was pure and honest, but with their fresh sound that reflects a new generation of contemporary bluegrass.

No matter what age, the audience is given are refreshing taste of music whose foundation is built on refined musical skills, high energy, and expert showmanship.

Listeners are treated to a list of songs from traditional bluegrass, contemporary, and original songs that tell the stories that are inspired by life onthe prairies.

From the largest stage to the most intimate house concert, Binder Twine and the Balers delivers the same uncompromising performance to your event,that will leave the audience feeling they've been treated to very unique musical experiencing!


Band Website: http://bindertwineandthebalers.bandcamp.com/