The Foothills Instructional Materials Library has been one of our most popular and successful programs. Many members have enjoyed and benefited from the excellent instructional materials available to them. Additional items will be added periodically to continue to improve this program. Over 250 library items are available to members.


For a list of library contents, right click on either file below and select "Save Link As...", "Save Target As...", etc.  You can choose either an Excel spreadsheet or pdf version.

Library List (xls) | Library List (pdf)

Library Loan Policy
Library items are available for loan immediately after every oncert, and are due back no later than the following concert.
Members will be required to present a current membership card prior to borrowing any library item.
Members will be limited to two items per month.
No additional items can be borrowed if the member has an outstanding item not returned.
It is the responsibility of borrowers to return the items, and to arrange prompt returns through the librarian if they cannot get to the concert on the night when the item is due.
Borrowers must also ensure that their returned items have been recorded in the Club records.
Late dues may be considered for items not returned on time.
Items not returned may be charged to the offending member.

Any members with overdue items are requested to contact the librarian as soon as possible to arrange return.

If you would like to suggest a Bluegrass related media that is not in our current library, please send us details of the title and if possible where it can be acquired and we'll consider adding it. Submit up to 2 items at a time.

Donations are greatly appreciated! We prefer DVD format although "Classic" older media is still welcome.